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Jewel in Playa Vista | Largest Single Family Homes

Josh Goldstein of The JGold Group is happy to provide a status update on the Jewel homes in Playa Vista! There are 3 Jewel homes currently under contract, with several more available for sale (that are both under construction and pre-development). The first homes to be completed at Jewel (aside from the currently finished model homes) will be Lots 3, 4, 8, and 9. The first of these should be Lot 3 which is scheduled for completion around August 2017.

Lot 7 and Lot 14 (both end-location lots and the South end of the development) are available pre-construction right now. These two lots are considered premium locations given their end-orientations and were previously not supposed to be available for reservation until sometime in 2018. Pricing is available for the various available lots upon request.

Jewel Playa Vista is a collection of the finest single-family residences that Playa Vista has to offer! There are two plans (Plan 1 and Plan 2) that range in size from approximately 4,279 square feet to 4,544 square feet. The standard upgrades in these homes are considered to be more luxurious than the standard features from Brookfield’s previous offerings, but buyers still have the ability to upgrade even further depending on how early a buyer commits to the purchase. Jewel homes currently under construction without a contract will proceed on a “spec” basis – meaning the developer will make upgrade selections to keep to their development schedule. If you commit to a purchase and there are still upgrade items left to choose, you should have the ability to make those choices on your own.

Jewel Playa Vista is located on Village Drive and Firefly Place, there are 7 homes on Village that are front/street facing, and the other 7 homes are back facing (on Firefly) that overlook the walk-street.

The HOA dues on single family homes in Playa Vista tend to be much less than the dues for condo buildings given the smaller amount of “common area” spaces to maintain. Owners are responsible for maintaining everything on the inside of the exterior wall (where the small gate) is located at the front of each home.

Josh Goldstein has worked with the staff and sales team at Jewel and is considered an expert in representing buyers throughout the new construction purchase process, as well as values for these homes! Additional details on the Jewel development can be found at: