Selling your home is a stressful activity. Nothing can make it easier than having a GREAT agent; and Josh is that. Highly responsive, expertly knowledgeable in process and contracts and extraordinarily personable makes it easy for Josh to gain your trust and confidence. In addition to being your agent he becomes your friend and adviser. He is exceedingly honest and will tell you the truths you may not want to hear. In an environment where stress and anxiety may pull you to making a quick (but wrong) decision, Josh has the ability to remain cool and collected and make you understand the logical choices. And then he allows you to make the best decision for you! I’ve bought houses, condos and a co-op, and had several rentals and never have I seen an agent work so hard to keep a deal on track. You are a lucky person if you can get Josh to represent you.

-Arthur & Roberta C.