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12868 Hammock Lane | Trevion in Playa Vista

5/13/2022 SOLD OFF-MARKET in Playa Vista! Josh Goldstein is proud to announce his newest off-market sale at Trevion in Playa Vista! This Plan 1 home traded at $3,500,000, a RECORD SALE and the highest price EVER for a Trevion home in Playa Vista!! ADDITIONAL DETAILS…


12875 Hammock Lane | Trevion in Playa Vista

Josh Goldstein of The JGold Group is proud to announce this (COMING SOON) single-family residence at 12875 Hammock Lane (Trevion) in Playa Vista! With only 22 homes at Trevion, these are unique offerings when they come available! To date, only two residences have resold at…