About Westwood

Like many of the neighborhoods in and around Los Angeles, Westwood is a multipurpose district, with a unique blend of commercial and residential properties. It is evident at first glance just how diverse and area Westwood is, with historic areas, a well-known Mormon temple, and numerous shopping, dining, and educational facilities. This art-oriented area is also home to a famous art museum, two well-known theaters, and a number of cultural events that are open to the public.

Living in Westwood

Westwood’s claim to fame is the University of California, Los Angeles, or UCLA. This campus draws in top students from around the world. This public research university is home to 30,000 undergraduates and 12,000 graduate students, each of which adds to the diversity of the community. In fact, UCLA receives over 100,000 applications each year, making it one of the most selective public universities in America.

Many residents of Westwood enjoy hanging out at the Westwood Village. This area – popular with the student population as well as Westwood’s other residents – is known for its diverse shopping and dining options as well as its historic movie theater. The shops here are a blend of independently owned boutiques and well-known chains, ensuring that shoppers will be able to find whatever they need. The architecture here is Mediterranean inspired, with clay roofing tiles, Spanish inspired wall mosaics, and plentiful cobblestone patios and courtyards. A nearby parking garage provides some options for parking, but it is just as easy to walk around Westwood Village.

The nearby Hammer Museum focuses on progressive, artist focused exhibits that are open to the public. This museum also has public programs nearly every day that focus on a wide range of artists and styles, including lectures, concerts, and film festivals – all of which are free for guests to enjoy.

The Geffen Playhouse is a community oriented theater company that puts on events at two UCLA venues. They typically offer eight shows per season – three at one theater and five at the other. They also host several other special events each year, and many of their plays include well-known film actors.

Real Estate in Westwood

Upscale penthouses and more affordable high-rise buildings characterize the real estate in Westwood. While the top of the line penthouses sell for several million dollars, these properties are over 5000 square feet and have 3-5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Smaller, equally as nice properties sell for closer to $1.2 million and are perfect for a couple or a family with 1-2 children. These 2-3 bedroom properties have beautiful views and are close to all the action. If living out in the suburbs does not appeal to you, consider looking into purchasing a Westwood penthouse.

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