About Tarzana

The neighborhood of Tarzana gets its name from former resident Edgar Rice Burroughs. This author wrote numerous books about his famous protagonist, Tarzan. In 1919, Edgar Rice Burroughs purchased a ranch that would later make up a large portion of the town of Tarzana. His plot of land –  known at the time as the Tarzana Ranch – was later subdivided. The smaller portions were sold for use in residential development.

Like many other cities around Los Angeles, Tarzana has been the site of the filming of several major motion pictures. Portola Middle School in particular has been used as a backdrop for a few well-known films. The other schools in Tarzana include a selection of public elementary and middle schools, 3 zoned high schools, and a private, post-secondary film school: Columbia College Hollywood. Tarzana is also just a short drive from the city center if you need access to any of the big city amenities.

Living in Tarzana

Tarzana is landlocked, surrounded by Topanga State Park, Encino, Reseda, and Woodland Hills. Topanga State Park is part of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. As such, it covers a picturesque section of the Santa Monica Mountains, laced with an astounding thirty-six miles of trails and dirt roads. This massive state park is the largest park in the Santa Monica Mountains, covering 11,000 acres rolling hills and mountains. It is also the largest park that can be found within city limits.

This park has several entrances, with over 60 separate trailheads leading to its network of trails. This state park is so expansive, there will always be somewhere new to explore. This section of the Santa Monica Mountains is one of the top areas for mountain biking, but if that is not your thing, the trails here are also great for hiking and horseback riding.

Topanga State Park is the seasonal home of several species of migratory birds. The forest’s full time residents include a diverse array of birds, snakes, other reptiles and amphibians, and small mammals. The Topanga Nature Center is great for kids, with an extensive collection of native animals that have been mounted and preserved and a touchable collection of other natural artifacts. Visitors can learn about the forest’s plants, animals, and geography. The park’s other interesting attraction is its collection of historic buildings: the Trippet Ranch buildings, Will Roger’s cabin, and the Josepho Barn.

Real Estate in Tarzana

Many of the homes in Tarzana have in-ground pools, open yards, and attached garages. The majority of the single-family homes in Tarzana are slightly above average in size, with your typical home having 4 bedrooms. The home prices here are similar to those in nearby Woodland Hills, with a median home price of just over $700,000 and an average price per square foot that is slightly lower than the Los Angeles average.

If a home in Tarzana sounds like something that your family would be interest in, contact our team to learn more about this community.