About Studio City

Studio City gets its name from the CBS Studio Center, one of largest film studios in the San Fernando Valley. The area was originally called Laurelwood, but it changed hands – and therefore names – multiple times during the 1800s. The Studio City Neighborhood Council, a group that represents Studio City’s interests to the city of Los Angeles, currently oversees it. It is one of 90 equivalent neighborhood councils that correspond to each of the cities that make up the Los Angeles area.

The communities of Valley Village, Toluca Lake, Universal City, Hollywood Hills West, Beverly Crest, and Sherman Oaks surround Studio City. It is also located near the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains, providing the neighborhood with a scenic backdrop.

Living in Studio City  

Like many of the other nearby areas, Studio City has an unusually high number of college-educated residents. As a result, the community’s median income is higher than that of the city as a whole, coming in at just over $75,000. Interestingly, the average household size was slightly less than 2 people per household, low for Los Angeles County. This smaller household size probably contributes to Studio City’s relatively low population density.

The Studio City Recreation Center has a ton of community accessible amenities, including picnic areas with barbecue pits, a baseball diamond, a walking/running track, and tennis courts. This park, commonly referred to as Beeman Park, is also a popular place for kids to take baseball lessons and play on a little league team.

Another popular park, Moorpark Park, does not have a permanent staff, but is still a great place to take the kids for a picnic or to play on the playground. Woodbridge Park is particularly good for younger kids and toddlers – it has a designated section of the play area that is geared towards kids less than 5 years of age.

Real Estate in Studio City

Studio City has a relatively low population density when compared to the rest of the city of Los Angeles. The community’s spacious feel has attracted the attention of many prospective residents. As a result, the real estate in Studio City has recently appreciated over 20%, bringing the median home price up to over $1 million. The real estate in Los Angeles tends to get more expensive the closer you get to the ocean, so this price point is fitting for a community that is about 20 miles from the ocean. (Just under 32 miles from the ocean by car.)

Studio City is mainly composed of apartments and single-family homes. Over half of these are rental properties. This, coupled with a relatively low vacancy rate, indicates that a large number of people wish to relocated to Studio City. This bodes well for future home appreciation as well as a good resale market if or when it comes time to sell.

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