About Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks was founded in 1927, but due to the constant rezoning of Van Nuys, its boundaries have been changed several times since then. Present day boundaries include 9.15 square miles, a large portion of which is taken up by the Santa Monica Mountains. As a result, Sherman Oaks has one of the lowest population densities out of all the cities surrounding Los Angeles. Sherman Oaks has a population density of less than 7000 people per square mile.

The communities of Encino, Belair, Beverly Crest, Beverly Glen, Studio City, Valley Village, North Hollywood, Van Nuys, Valley Glen, and Reseda surround Sherman Oaks. It is also located near the Van Nuys Airport, Stone Canyon Reservoir, US 101, and Coldwater Canyon.

Living in Sherman Oaks  

Sherman Oaks has a median household income of around $70,000, which is very close to the average for Los Angeles County. However, Sherman Oaks has a high percentage of households with an income of more than $125,000 when compared with Los Angeles County as a whole. This is likely the result of Sherman Oaks’ unusually high concentration of residents with postsecondary degrees. Almost half of the people living in Sherman Oaks have a 4 year degree, and a relatively high portion of those people went on to earn a master’s degree.

The city of Sherman Oaks operates several city parks, including the Sherman Oaks Castle Park and the Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Park. The Sherman Oaks Castle Park features an arcade, a miniature golf course, and batting cages. The Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Park has a more varied list of offerings, with baseball fields, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, a playground, a soccer field, tennis courts, a picnic area, and more. According to the Los Angeles Times, this park “is a popular site for family gatherings,” and it is easy to see why. The Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Pool is part of the same complex and is open seasonally.

Real Estate in Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks is a moderately priced section of the Los Angeles area, with a median home price of slightly less than $900,000. The median price per square foot in this area comes in around $50 higher than the Los Angeles average. Having said that, it is easy to find properties that will sell for far more than $900,000. Sherman Oaks has a few upscale neighborhoods, with homes that typically sell for between $1.5 and $2.5 million.

Sherman Oaks also has an extensive collection of condos and townhomes, which bring down the median home price to a more affordable range. These condos and townhomes usually sell for around $500,000 each.

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