About Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach is one of Los Angeles’ trio of beach cities, along with Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach. This southern strip of the Santa Monica Bay area is filled with upscale homes and white, sandy beaches. With a population of almost 70,000, Redondo Beach is larger than most of the surrounding communities. It is an interestingly shaped neighborhood, with a smaller area on the beach and a longer inland strip that runs behind Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach. The entire neighborhood covers about 6.2 square miles.

Living in Redondo Beach

The Pacific Coast Highway divides Redondo Beach, with the area to the inland side being primarily residential and the area closest the coast being filled with your typical beachfront activities. South Redondo (the beachfront side) is best known for its marina and nearby pier. The marina is filled with a mixture of fishing boats (both commercial crafts and privately owned vessels) and pleasure cruisers. This area is also home to an assortment of small shops that specialize in surfing gear and beach attire.

Redondo Beach’s Municipal Pier has been rebuilt several times due to storm damage, and it has earned itself several nicknames along the way, including the “Endless Pier” and the “Pleasure Pier.” White, sandy beaches and several tourist friendly shops and restaurants surround this popular area. These beaches include a well-known surf spot, Redondo Breakwall, that attracts people from all over the West Coast.

The south side of Redondo has a small town feel that appeals to many of its residents. The small, independently owned shops in this area are located within walking or biking distance of many of the residential neighborhoods, making it easy to pop out to the store after work. Many of these neighborhoods host community events or block parties. It’s the type of community where everyone knows their neighbors, something that is rare to find in a city as big as Redondo Beach.

The area north of the Pacific Coast Highway is more of your traditional Los Angeles area city, with an abundance of single-family homes and condos with some pockets of office spaces and industrial complexes scattered around. The Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, one of the area’s top spots for cultural events and performances, is also located in North Redondo.

Real Estate in Redondo Beach

The properties for sale in Redondo Beach are focused on ocean living, with a mix of Spanish and modern architectural styles. Many of these properties have tile roofs and railed balconies, perfect for enjoying the sunny weather. Palm trees are a common sight in these communities and many of the properties have stone walkways leading up to the house. The median home value for properties in Redondo Beach is just under $1 million, a figure that is similar to that of the surrounding communities.

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