About Mar Vista

Mar Vista is best known for its stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and its down to earth residents. It is the type of city that you can live in for years and always find something new to see or do. The people living and working in this area enjoy easy access to the nearby San Diego Freeway, Venice Boulevard, and Walgrove Avenue, allowing residents of Mar Vista to quickly travel to the other nearby communities. The neighborhood of Mar Vista is surrounded by Palms, Culver City, Venice, and Santa Monica.

Living in Mar Vista

This Southern California community is packed full of amenities, including a great public school district, two private schools, a public library and a city park. The Grand View Historic Commercial District is home to a diverse set of commercial buildings that were all built in drastically different time periods. This area contains tattoo parlors, one-of-a-kind coffee shops, a farmer’s market, and more.

The median household income in Mar Vista is similar to that of the city of Los Angeles as a whole, hovering just over $60,000. The average household size in Mar Vista, however, is just 2.3 people. This is lower than that of most of the City of Los Angeles and its surrounding neighborhoods, indicating that the majority of Mar Vista’s residents are working professionals rather than families with several small children.

Real Estate in Mar Vista

The most expensive section of Mar Vista is Mar Vista Hill. This portion of the neighborhood is widely regarded as one of the most upscale parts of Los Angeles’ west side. Although most homes in Mar Vista are considered relatively affordable, they can also easily sell for several million dollars apiece.

One of the reasons the homes in Mar Vista Hill are so desirable is because of their unparalleled ocean, mountain, and city views. Imagine stepping out of your home in the morning and being greeted by a view of the sparkling Pacific Ocean. This mesa is ideally situated to look out towards the vibrant city of Los Angeles, the towering Santa Monica Mountains, and the glittering Pacific Ocean. The homes here are a mix of modern construction and much older properties along the Grand View.

This subsection is the site of a unique blend of properties, including expansive modern estates and other smaller, prewar homes. One particularly famous section is the Mar Vista Tract. This area, designed by Gregory Ain in the 1940s, is incredibly well maintained and is still filled with all the original homes. Driving down this street is like taking a step back in time.

Many of the streets in this area were originally designed for horse drawn carriages and have since been expanded to accommodate the modern day flows of traffic. If you would like to explore the streets of Mar Vista for yourself, contact our team and set up an appointment to view one of the outstanding properties for sale in Mar Vista.