About Manhattan Beach

As its name suggests, Manhattan Beach is a coastal city that lies to the southwest of Downtown Los Angeles. This city, along with El Segundo and a few others, makes up the South Bay area of Los Angeles.

Like many of the communities outside of Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach started out as a privately owned ranch. In 1902, the land had turned suburban and it was named Manhattan, after its developer’s hometown in New York City. Interestingly enough, the second part of its name, beach, wasn’t added until 1927. This was done at the request of the local postmaster. The area was further developed in the late 1920s and early 1930s. At this time, some of the sandy dunes were leveled so that homes could be built closer to the ocean. This occurred around the same time as the development of Hawaii’s beaches and as a result, some of the excess sand was transported to Hawaii for use on its rocky beaches. Manhattan Beach sand was also used in the development of another section of the Pacific Coast Highway.

Living in Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is part of an excellent public school system. Its one local public high school, Mira Costa High School, is part of the top 1% of high schools in the United States. The Manhattan Beach Unified School District is ranked 3rd in the state of California. This community is also home to the highest percentage of college-educated residents in Los Angeles. Because of the top-notch schools in the area, many affluent members of the sports and entertainment industry choose to make their homes in Manhattan Beach and commute into Los Angeles for work.

Two of the most popular outdoor sports in Manhattan Beach are surfing and beach volleyball. The white sandy beaches, sunny weather, and rolling waves are perfect for both. Manhattan Beach hosts the annual Manhattan Beach Open Volleyball Tournament and International Surf Festival every year in August.

Real Estate in Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach real estate is divided into a number of smaller neighborhoods that each has its own distinct atmosphere. The “Hill Section” is where you will find the most luxurious properties, many of which are located high enough up a hill to enjoy a spectacular ocean view. These homes are typically newly constructed or newly renovated, ensuring that their residents have the best of everything.

In contrast, the “Sand Section” is located near the beach, with tranquil side streets that lead to the ocean. This is the closest to “The Strand,” Manhattan Beach’s famous walking and biking path that is lined by a selection of the nicest, most expensive homes in the United States. The “Poet’s Section” was home to some of the most famous American poets. Other popular neighborhoods include the “Tree Section,” “The Knolls, the “Gas Lamp Section,” and “Manhattan Heights.”

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