About Los Feliz

Los Feliz is a part of central Los Angeles that is tucked into the Santa Monica Mountains, located just west of Hollywood. Los Feliz, along with Griffith Park to the north, were the original components of the Rancho Los Feliz land concession. Due to its location alongside the Los Angeles River, this area is prime real estate. In the 1700s, it was common to receive a land grant for exemplary service, but Rancho Los Feliz was one of the earliest examples of this occurrence in California.

In the late 1700s, the Mexican governor, in return for Feliz’s service as a major and judge, gave Rancho Los Feliz to Jose Vicente Feliz. This piece of land would later be given to the United States after the end of the Mexican-American War.

As a result of this area’s history, it is an ethnically diverse community. It also has an unusually high proportion of residents who were born and bred in the area – 44% of Los Feliz’s residents have lived here all their lives.

Living in Los Feliz

Griffith Park is a great place to relax outside, secluded from the rest of the city. This geographically interesting area includes hills and canyons, with plenty of tucked away picnic spots and beautiful, shady trails. The towering trees are filled with birds and other small animals, and the ambient sounds of the forest and trickling streams provide a relaxing background for reading or walking.

Another must see spot in Los Feliz is the Shakespeare Bridge. This massive concrete construction is a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument. Originally built in 1926, this Gothic style structure has had to be repaired several times due to the frequent earthquakes in this area. The railings, sidewalks, and deck have been replaced with reinforced concrete in an attempt to stabilize the structure, but preserving the historic appearance of the bridge has always been a priority during the repair processes.

Real Estate in Los Feliz

The real estate in Los Feliz includes homes built by some of the most famous architects in the world. One such example is the Ennis House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1923. This home is built from prefabricated concrete blocks that interlock when they are stacked, similar to what would be found in a Mayan temple. Textured blocks that are covered in carved relief designs characterize this type of Mayan Revival architecture. The Ennis House is a privately owned residence, but it is also a city, state, and nationally designated landmark as well as one of the biggest tourist attractions in Los Feliz. The home is open for public viewings at least 12 days each year.

The northern side of Los Feliz is frequently called the Los Feliz Hills. This area is known for its multimillion-dollar homes and its artistic inhabitants. This community has an unusually high median income of almost $200,000, putting Los Feliz Hills in the running for one of Los Angeles’ most affluent areas.

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