About Inglewood

With a population of over 100,000, Inglewood is one of the largest of the cities surrounding Los Angeles. Inglewood lies to the southwest of downtown Los Angeles, less than 5 miles from the Los Angeles International Airport. Inglewood has an unusually high percentage of foreign-born residents. On average, the United States has a 13% immigrant population compared to the 29% immigrant population in Inglewood. This relatively high immigrant population helps to make Inglewood a diverse, thriving community

Living in Inglewood

Inglewood has all of the amenities you would expect to see in a city of its size. This city has its own post office, public library, and an ample selection of public and private schools. Inglewood is also home to the Curtis Tucker Health Center, a facility that is overseen by the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services. Inglewood also includes four stations of the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

Randy’s Donuts is an iconic Los Angeles landmark. Located along the San Diego Freeway, Randy’s Donuts is best known for its highly visible rooftop donut sculpture, differentiating it from other, similar 24 hour donut shops. This restaurant has been a popular stop for tourists and locals since 1953.

One of the largest indoor concert venues in the United States is the Forum. Charles Luckman, the same architect that headed up the construction of Madison Square Garden, designed the Forum. Interestingly enough, as of 2012 Madison Square Garden and the Forum are owned and operated by the same group of people. This beautiful piece of architecture is designed to emulate the Roman forum, with a round footprint and a border of towering columns. Many big-name artists headline here each year, drawing crowds from all over Southern California.

Real Estate in Inglewood

With a median income of less than $50,000, Inglewood is more affordable than many of the other communities outside of Los Angeles. While it is definitely possible to find multi million dollar homes in Inglewood, the median home price in this area is just over $400,000, making the homes accessible to a wider range of people than some of LA’s other suburbs.

Experts predict that Inglewood will undergo rapid gentrification in the next few years, so if you are considering purchasing a property in Inglewood, now would be the time to do it. Many of the other communities on Los Angeles’s Westside have experienced rapid growth in the last few years, causing housing prices to skyrocket. Inglewood is one of the few affordable communities left, so consider buying a home here if you are trying to move to Los Angeles on a tight budget.

The homes for sale in Inglewood include a number of spacious single-family homes as well as a selection of smaller apartments and lofts. If you have any questions about the real estate for sale in Inglewood or another Los Angeles suburb, feel free to contact our team by phone or email at your earliest convenience.