About Hermosa Beach

Another upscale Southern California beach community is Hermosa Beach. This is one of the three South Bay oceanfront communities, the other two being Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach. One interesting fact about Hermosa Beach is that it owns and operates its beach, unlike the other two South Bay Beach Cities. The others are owned by Los Angeles County.

Hermosa Beach covers a relatively small geographic area – only taking up about 60 city blocks – but it is still filled with plenty of opportunities for idealistic beachfront living. The famous ocean front path, The Strand, runs through Hermosa Beach, continuing on to the north and south. The Pacific Coast Highway also bisects this community.

Hermosa Beach has a population of just fewer than 20,000 residents, but due to its small size, this means that the city has a population density of almost 14,000 people per square mile.

Living in Hermosa Beach

The sandy beaches in Hermosa Beach are perfect for playing beach volleyball, surfing, paddle boarding, and sunbathing. All of these activities are popular with Hermosa Beach’s residents. In fact, this beach is the site of a number of professional and amateur beach volleyball tournaments each year.

Due to Hermosa Beach’s moderate climate, it is possible to enjoy most of these activities year round. The sea breeze keeps the city smog away and the temperatures down, letting beachgoers in Hermosa Beach enjoy fresh, salty air and 70 degree weather even in the middle of the summer.

If you are looking for great shopping, delicious food, and a nighttime party atmosphere, the place to be is the Hermosa Beach pier. Located at the end of Pier Avenue, the party extends from the end of the pier, down the street, and continues on several blocks inland. The bar scene here is frequented by members of Hermosa Beach as well as the nearby communities of Santa Monica and Torrance Beach.

While there are some employment opportunities in Hermosa Beach, the majority of the area’s residents reside in Hermosa Beach and work elsewhere, usually downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, or one of the other districts that is influential in the entertainment industry.

Real Estate in Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach has a median home price of about $1.7 million, high for Los Angeles, but not high for the types of homes found in Hermosa Beach. The area’s average price per square foot hovers just under $1000 per square foot, a figure that is much higher than the Los Angeles average.

This upscale area is filled with luxury homes, many of which have an ocean view. Hermosa Beach is subdivided into several smaller neighborhoods, including communities of beach bungalows, condos, and million dollar mansions. The real estate here is about half condos (900 to 2000 square feet) and half single family homes (2000 to 6000 square feet), with most properties a relatively short walk from the ocean. Browse our website to learn more about the types of homes in Hermosa Beach, and be sure to contact our team with any questions.