About Encino

Encino received its name early on, from a Spanish expedition that explored inland California in 1769. The missionary travelling with the group decided to call the valley “El Valle de Santa Catalina de Bononia de Los Encinos.” This translates to “The Valley of St. Catherine of Bononia of the Oaks.” Like most of this area, Encino has a history as a ranching community. The original Rancho Los Encinos began in 1845, after the governor of Mission San Fernando granted the land to a few of the Mission Indians.

Encino is located at the northern end of the Santa Monica Mountains, nestled in the San Fernando Valley. Nearby communities include Reseda, Sherman Oaks, Belair, Brentwood, and Tarzana.

Living in Encino

With a population density of just under 4500 residents per square mile, Encino is one of the less crowded segments of the Los Angeles area. In fact, this community has one of the lowest population densities in the city, but it is still an area of average density when compared to the county as a whole. The median income for the city is just under $80,000, which is pretty typical for the Los Angeles area. Interestingly, Encino has one of the highest proportions of incomes over $125,000 in the entire metro area. This is likely a direct result of the fact that many of Encino’s residents are nearing retirement age and are thus at the peak of their careers. Almost half of Encino’s residents are college educated, further increasing their chances for well paying careers.

Encino is also home to several outstanding parks, including the Encinos State Historic Park. This area is devoted to preserving the original buildings that made up Rancho Los Encinos. Visitors can explore the original two story home and the blacksmith’s shop. Other popular spots in this California state park are the nearby natural spring and the pond. For thousands of years, this spring provided water for the area’s residents as well as countless travelers who were just passing through. This began with the area’s native people – the Tongva – and continued on through the time of the Spanish settlers in the 1700s and 1800s.

Real Estate in Encino

In addition to the almost 4000 small businesses that can be found in Encino, there are several major employers located inside the Encino city limits. One of the largest sectors of employment here is health care, with the two nearby branches of the Encino-Tarzana Regional Medical Center employing many of Encino’s residents. Other major sectors include social services, accounting, legal, and real estate. Another noteworthy employer is Enoki Films USA, which has one of its main offices in this community.

The homes in Encino range from multi million dollar mansions to stylish condos and everything in between. Most of the properties here are built in the Mediterranean style with wide windows and plenty of natural light. To learn more about the properties for sale in and around Encino, call or email one of our team members today.