About Echo Park

Located at the eastern end of the Santa Monica Mountains, Echo Park is in one of the hilliest sections of Los Angeles. This community is ethnically diverse, with an unusually high Filipino population. This community is also located adjacent to Chinatown, allowing the residents of Echo Park to experience a wide range of cultures without travelling very far.

Living in Echo Park

The iam8bit art gallery is filled with modern day art exhibits and nerd centric, video game inspired displays. This museum always has a new and exciting exhibit coming in, and the gallery openings at iam8bit are an event that you will not want to miss. Hundreds of people attend these gallery openings, making them one of Echo Park’s most popular events.

Sports fans will be happy to know that Echo Park is perfectly located to enjoy a Dodger’s game. The Dodger’s stadium is the 3rd oldest Major League Baseball stadium in the country. If music is more your thing, check out the Echo and the Echoplex. The Echoplex, located directly under the Echo, is the site of bi-monthly dance parties. Both of these clubs frequently have live music and a great atmosphere. The music here ranges in style from indie rock to electronica.

Real Estate in Echo Park

The historic neighborhood of Angelino Heights, known for its Victorian style homes, is the second oldest neighborhood in Los Angeles. (The oldest being Bunker Hill.) Angelino Heights is particularly well known for its steep hills and picturesque homes. Geographically and architecturally, this area is more similar to San Francisco than it is to the rest of Los Angeles.

Victor Heights is a particularly diverse area, with residents from a variety of socioeconomic statuses. The homes here range from buildings of older, stucco-covered apartments to modern, newly constructed single-family homes. This neighborhood overlooks the Los Angeles Civic Center, ensuring that residents of Victor Heights are close to the action when large events come to town.

Historic Filipinotown is part of southwestern Echo Park. This area is unique in that it was the first community outside of the Philippines that specifically honored Filipinos. While this was not the only place in Los Angeles that Filipinos immigrated to, it was one of the most prominent neighborhoods and it was also home to some of the most influential residents in the community. Filipinos make up the largest portion of Los Angeles’ Asian population, so it would make sense that there are pockets of the city that are rich with the country’s culture. Historic Filipinotown adds a lot of depth to the community of Echo Park, providing its residents with great food and contributing to the close-knit atmosphere.

Elysian Heights, another of Echo Park’s most popular neighborhoods, is located near the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains, adding to the already hilly geography of the Echo Park area. If a home in Echo Park or another area of Los Angeles appeals to you, contact our team today to find out how to schedule a visit to one of these properties.