About Downtown LA

Downtown LA is predominantly filled with office buildings – including a booming financial district – but it also has an incredibly varied selection of apartment buildings and condos, many of which have recently been renovated. LA’s fashion district is also centered in Downtown LA, along with a number of government buildings, parks, restaurants, and the central hub of the metro system.

Los Angeles has been a center of commerce since the early 1900s, with banks, hotels, and government buildings springing up on almost every street corner. The diverse selection of commercial properties found in Downtown LA lends themselves well to nearly any industry, from office spaces to upscale restaurants and hole in the wall cafes.

Living in Downtown LA

The restaurant scene in Downtown Los Angeles is one of the best in the world. The ever-changing landscape of new spots combined with a number of old favorites means that there will always be something new and exciting to try for dinner.

Baco Mercat is one of the most famous restaurants in Downtown LA. Their signature flatbread sandwich come with a variety of toppings, including several vegetarian options, and is a favorite of locals. Located in the historic downtown area, this spot is also popular with out of town visitors who want to pop in for a true LA dining experience between meetings or events.

Bottega Louis is another unique establishment that has something to offer to everyone. This combination restaurant, gourmet market, patisserie, and cafe is always busy with people stopping in for their morning coffee or to pick up a few things on their way home from work. The restaurant offers full bar service as well as a bakery that offers catering and custom orders.

Other favorites are Bestia, a restaurant that specializes in house made pastas and pizzas, and Takami Sushi and Robata Restaurant, which seat visitors in a large, open-air patio that overlooks the Los Angeles Financial District.

Real Estate in Downtown LA

The real estate in Downtown Los Angeles includes a number of commercial properties as well as a selection of stunning lofts that are perfect for those wanting to live in the heart of the action. These lofts hover around $1 million in price, but it is possible to find properties for much less if you know where to look.

Downtown LA is packed with high-rise condos and apartment buildings, with properties ranging in size from 750 square feet to more than 2000 square feet. The majority of these properties have 1-2 bedrooms and 1-2.5 bathrooms, making them perfect for a working professional or a family just starting out. Many of these condos have up to date kitchens, with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. Nearly every property has a balcony overlooking the city – the perfect place to sit and enjoy a sunny Los Angeles afternoon.

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