About Culver City

Culver City was incorporated in 1917, around the same time as several other master planned communities outside of Los Angeles. Shortly after that, Culver City’s first film studio was completed. Since then, Culver City has been a hot spot in the film and entertainment industry. Toda, its most prominent businesses include the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios, the National Public Radio West headquarters, a Sony Pictures Entertainment headquarters, and the NFL Network studio.

Culver City is located at the junction of several major roadways, allowing residents to easily access the surrounding areas. It is commonly said that all roads lead to Culver City. Nearby neighborhoods include Mar Vista, Palms, Westchester, Mid-City, West Adams, Baldwin Hills, Ladera Heights, Venice, Playa Vista, and Marina Del Rey.

Living in Culver City

Culver City underwent a period of revitalization in the 1990s, overseen by the city itself. During this time, much of the downtown area was overhauled, and several shopping centers were redesigned. At the same time, Columbia Pictures, Sony’s motion picture operations, relocated to Culver City. The improvements made to the community’s infrastructure combined with the sudden influx of new employment opportunities gave this city a new life. Since then, Culver City has been a thriving place to live and work.

While Sony Pictures Entertainment is by far the largest employer in Culver City, the Southern California Hospital at Culver City is another major center for employment. Formerly known as the Brotman Medical Center, this hospital employs over 1000 of Culver City’s residents.

The east side of Culver City includes a wide array of art galleries, cafes, and restaurants. This section, formally know as the Culver City Art District, is only 10 years old, but this highly walkable area has already been noticed by art enthusiasts from all over the country. The nearby Helms Bakery District is filled with historic buildings, well known furniture stores, and great food. Located just one block from the Metro Expo line, this area is a convenient place to stop in and shop, dine, and enjoy some beautiful artwork.

Real Estate in Culver City

The median home price in Culver City is just under $900,000. The price per square foot in this area is higher than the average in the Los Angeles metro area, hovering around $550 per square foot. The homes in Culver City are appreciating at a rate similar to that of the properties in the rest of Los Angeles and the surrounding area, at a rate of approximately 4% to 6% per year.

While there are plenty of beautiful properties in Culver City, there are also a number of more affordable homes. Over half of Culver City’s residents work blue-collar jobs and their commute time is less than half an hour from their home to their work, resulting in the great work life balance.

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