About Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is ideally located between Hollywood and the city of Los Angeles. This area had its origins as a Spanish ranch founded by oil hunters, but since then, it has become a hotspot for celebrities, vacationers, and oil tycoons. This area is often referred to by its primary zip code: 90210.

Living in Beverly Hills

This area is known for its great shopping, particularly for upscale clientele, and its beautiful sunny weather. One of its most famous areas is the Rodeo Drive shopping district. In addition to all the one of a kind shops and boutiques, shoppers can enjoy three blocks of great food, jewelry festivals, and holiday events.

The other areas of Beverly Hills are also home to a wide array of community events and outdoor celebrations. The weekly Beverly Hills Farmers’ Market can be a lot of fun for the whole family. The Farmers’ Market frequently has special events for kids such as story time, a kids’ zone, and a kid friendly cooking class – Cookin’ Kids. Held the 2nd Sunday of every month, this event focuses on utilizing fresh, seasonal produce in the kitchen. Kids will learn how to cook with various fruits and vegetables as well as discuss the health benefits of each plant. They will also get to taste seasonal dishes and even meet some of the farmers who grow their foods. This eye opening experience is great for kids of all ages.

Another great event is the Annual PickleFest, where locals can compete in events such as the “Best Dill Pickle” contest and an “I Can Pickle That” event, where judges will compare any California grown fruit or vegetable that a contestant wants to pickle and enter.

Beverly Hills is also home to a number of public parks, including a community dog park. These outdoor spaces boast tennis courts, gardens, and wide open green spaces. Scattered throughout the community, you will never be far from a park in which you can enjoy the beautiful, Mediterranean climate. Many of these parks also have nearby, free parking, making it easy to pop over to one for a quick visit.

Real Estate in Beverly Hills

The real estate in Beverly Hills is varied, with the most expensive properties being found on the hillsides north of Sunset Boulevard. The majority of the housing in Beverly Hills can be found in the “flats,” a relatively level area that includes the entirety of the city. This area is bisected by Santa Monica Boulevard, dividing it neatly into the North and South sides of Beverly Hills.

The homes in the South side are what you would think of as your typical suburban homes, with small square or rectangular lots and numerous apartment buildings. This area also includes most of the government buildings and small businesses in Beverly Hills. Larger land lots and more upscale design elements characterize the North side homes.

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